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From the Executive Director...

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The future is so full of promise and hope for the

Alzheimer's Alliance and Our Place Day Respite Center! 

We are excited and motivated to move forward with educating, caring, and connecting all who are affected by Alzheimer's and dementia.  We know that with support and resources we can enhance the lives of caregivers, family members, and ultimately those with a diagnosis. 

The Alliance serves over 17,000 people in its 22 county service area who are enduring the impact of Alzheimer’s Disease through support services, referrals and the Our Place Day Respite Center.  The Day Center offers a place for caregivers to bring their loved ones allowing the caregiver a day to rest while Our Place provides socialization and cognitive stimulation of being in a safe, supportive, engaging environment in which they can interact with others having similar experiences while participating in enjoyable activities designed to match personal abilities and needs. Through supporting and improving the lives of caregivers, research shows that they are not only empowered to continue to care for their loved one, but it also extends their lives.  Each day of respite adds 23 days to a caregiver’s life.


Alzheimer’s Disease can strike any family, not discriminating based on economics, social status, education or fame.  It is a heartbreaking disease as caregivers watch their loved one slowly slipping away from them.  The Alliance supports these families and works to make this process less painful with support, encouragement and resources.


Please feel free to contact us for additional information about how we can offer help to you or someone you know, Our Place Day Respite Center or how you can help be a part of our organization.

Board of Directors & Staff


John Ross


Vice President  

Lauree Tyson



Christina Guzman


Mark Van Herpen

Member At Large

In memory of Lenn Lee




Whitney Fuqua

Gary Gathright

Mark James

Stephanie James

Patsy Morriss

Mary Alice O'Farrell

Susan Robbins

Haley Roeser

Lisa Sitterley

Cathy Van Herpen

Jo Ann Ward


Advisory Board

David Alexander

Wade Boyette

Claire Moulton

Madeline Robbins

Mary Washington



Alzheimer's Alliance Staff


Executive Director

Terrie Arnold



Development Coordinator

Collins Cockerell

Respite Center Director

Allan Wren


About Us

Terrie Arnold

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